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   Labrador Caribou hunting trips with Labrador Wildlife Expeditions offers the Labrador caribou hunter an opportunity to harvest two Quebec/Labrador Caribou from the George River caribou herd. This Caribou herd is the largest in the world and numbers between 700,000 and 800,000 animals. Hunting Caribou in Labrador affords the hunter a tremendous opportunity to take a trophy Labrador Caribou with his choice of weapons, be it rifle, muzzle loader or bow and arrow. These Quebec/Labrador Caribou migrate annually and their migration routes know no borders, taking them in any direction at any time. There are no set patterns to their migration routes.

   Labrador Caribou hunting trips with Labrador Wildlife Expeditions have been consistently successful over the last ten years for a number of reasons. The first rule of thumb for any kind of hunting to be successful is to hunt where the game is. Again, the Caribou you will be hunting with Labrador Wildlife Expeditions belong to the largest barren ground Caribou herd in the world. Utilizing years of experience in charting the Quebec/Labrador Caribou migration patterns, Labrador Wildlife Expeditions has hunting camps located in the most strategic areas. These strategically located hunting camps optimize the hunter's chances of intercepting the late summer and early fall migrations as they enter the province. Labrador Caribou hunting trips with Labrador Wildlife Expeditions
not only utilize the main camps to hunt Caribou from, but also have spike camps consisting of wood framed and canvas-covered shelters, as well as, portable tent camps that are used during unpredictable Labrador Caribou migration patterns. This mobility allows hunters to go where the Caribou are and realize their dream of harvesting a trophy Labrador Caribou.

   Labrador Caribou hunting trips with Labrador Wildlife Expeditions utilize remote hunting camps in August and September and also hunt in the vicinity of Schefferville during this time, traversing the miles and miles of mining roads to get in position to intercept migrating Caribou. Both the remote locations and the Schefferville hunts have produced trophy class
Caribou for hunters on a consistent basis. In the winter, as the Caribou migration moves into western and central Labrador, we also offer Labrador Caribou hunting trips in these regions.

   The majority of Labrador consists of vast wilderness that continues to be isolated from human infringement and remains today as nature intended it to be. The Labrador Caribou hunting is unparalleled and the overall hunting experience will be second to none.

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caribou hunting
Five Colorado Hunters - Ten Quebec/Labrador Caribou

Our caribou hunting success rate has been at consistently high levels for ten consecutive years.

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